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Preview and Predictions for the 2024 APP Vlasic Classic - Delray Beach

by Erik Tice on

Unlike the most recent pro pickleball event in Austin, the APP Delray Beach shouldn't be interrupted by weather. If anything, it might get a little hot, which could cause the newly crowned ball-of-choice for the APP Tour, the Franklin X-40, to play a little slow. 

Expect longer rallies this weekend.

Here’s how to watch the APP Vlasic Classic - Delray Beach:

  • Friday, April 5th - 12-6pm - APPTV (YouTube)
  • Saturday, April 6th - 11am-4pm - APPTV (YouTube)
  • Saturday, April 6th - 5-7pm - CBSSN
  • Sunday, April 7th - 12-1pm - APPTV (YouTube)
  • Sunday, April 7th - 2-4pm - CBSSN

Women’s Doubles

  • Megan Fudge is playing with Jill Braverman and Susannah Barr is playing with Mari Humberg - the first time on the APP Tour that Barr and Fudge haven’t played together in a very long time.
  • Milan Rane and Jorja Johnson are coming off a win at the APP Miami Open – can they make it two in a row?
  • Two of the best APP Next Gen players are playing together: Riley Bohnert and Emily Ackerman.


  • Cass Hoag and Jessica Warren are two ladies from Florida who can PLAY – maybe a little hometown luck will kickstart a run in Delray.


  • Rane and Johnson will defeat Jilly B and Megan Fudge in the finals

Mixed Doubles

  • Andrei Daescu and Jilly B are pairing up for the first time - could be a fun pairing.
  • Jorja Johnson and Gabe Tardio are playing together after earning bronze in APP Miami.
  • Milan Rane is playing with JW Johnson and should be a favorite to go deep in the tourney.
  • It looks like Rob Nunnery is back from injury – he’s playing with Erik Lange. 


  • Since the draws are not available yet, here are some teams I expect to make deep runs:
    • JW Johnson/Milan Rane
    • Gabe Tardio/Jorja Johnson
    • Yana Newell/Will Howells
    • Jill Braverman/Andrei Daescu
    • Megan Fudge/John Cincola
    • CJ Klinger/Judit Castillo
  • If the bracket works out, JW Johnson & Milan Rane beat Andrei Daescu and Jill Braverman in the finals.

Women’s Singles

  • Judit Castillo is coming off a huge win at the PPA Austin Open with a ton of momentum.
  • Megan Fudge just won the APP Miami Open, and is hoping to make it two APP wins in a row.
  • Yana Newell is an elite singles player who hasn’t been playing much pro singles recently, but she is back in this draw.


  • Since the draws are not available yet, here are some ladies I like to make a deep run:
    • Megan Fudge
    • Judit Castillo
    • Yana Newell
    • Jorja Johnson
    • Jill Braverman
    • Shelby Bates
  • If the bracket works out, Judit Castillo beats Megan Fudge in the finals

Men’s Singles

  • Even while a big PPA tournament is going on at the same time, this field is LOADED - there are 59 guys in the qualifiers.
  • Hunter Johnson won the APP Miami Open, but then signed an exclusive contract with the PPA right after, so he is not in this draw.
  • The energetic silver medalist from the Miami Open – Grayson Goldin – is playing and is bringing some momentum with him.


  • Since the draws are not available yet, here are some guys I like to make a deep run:
    • JW Johnson
    • Dylan Frazier
    • Gabe Tardio
    • Will Howells
    • Chris Haworth
    • Michael Loyd
  • If the bracket works out, JW Johnson beats Will Howells in the finals

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Erik Tice

Erik Tice

Erik produces content for The Dink related to pro and collegiate pickleball. He is an avid watcher of pickleball and became passionate about the sport in early 2022.

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