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The adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle: A Detailed Look at Its Revolutionary Design

by Alina Leontarakis on

The highly anticipated adidas Metalbone is finally available to the public. You've seen this paddle in the hands of MLP Champion Rafa Hewett, but now you can try it for yourselves.

The Dink team was excited to get this paddle on the courts and put the new features of the adidas Metalbone to the test.


  • Dimensions: 16 1/2 " x 7 1/2 "
  • Grip Length: 5 1/2"
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4"
  • Grip Material: PU-EVA Combo
  • Weight: 7.8oz - 8.2oz
  • Thickness: 13mm
  • Core: PMI Foam
  • Fiber: C18 Carbon
  • Frame: Tubular Carbon Frame

First glance

At first glance, the Metalbone is unlike anything we have seen in pickleball. For starters, this paddle comes with its own accessory. Tucked neatly in the packaging is a custom adidas tool.

The tool is used to adjust the Metalbone weight and balance system. Instead of using lead tape to adjust the weight distribution, this paddle comes with two weighted screws in the paddle throat. We will cover more on this system later.

When lifting this paddle out of the box, you can tell that it is high-end. The grip is dense and cushioned. It looks so clean; it's hard to imagine putting an overgrip on top of it.

The paddle is thin at 13mm. It's also sleek, with a matte black and red finish. The paddle has a neck hole that makes it look and feel like a tennis racquet.

At first grip, we were itching to start crushing forehands.

On the court

The first contact with this paddle has a very new and distinct feel. Unlike the polypropylene honeycomb core that is common in other paddles, the Metalbone features a PMI Foam core.

This made contact feel stiff and brief. The sound this paddle makes when hitting the ball is also very different than expected. Despite the solid foam core, the paddle gives off an almost hollow sound. None of this is a concern regarding the paddle's playability; it just has a unique feel that you have to experience to understand.

Once you get over the unique feel and sound of the paddle, it's clear that it crushes the ball.


The Metalbone brings effortless power to the pickleball court. At 13mm, you would expect this paddle to pack a punch, and the Metalbone delivers. On drives, you will feel the ball launch off of your paddle.

The same applies at the kitchen line. Hands battles end quickly with powerful counterattacks.

For some players, it's possible to imagine the power to be overwhelming. To get the full spectrum of options with this paddle, it's necessary to test the built-in weight and balance system.

Weight and balance system

One of the most unique aspects of this paddle is the weight and balance system.

The Metalbone arrives with four weights screwed into the paddle neck. With all four weights in place, this paddle carries an extra 10.4g.

For players wishing to dial down the weight, you can remove half or all of the screws. There are also three screw positions on each side of the paddle. You have the option to fine-tune the paddle to your preferred setting.


The PMI foam core of the Metalbone is sandwiched between layers of C18 carbon fiber and a roughness texture called Spin Blade Max. Generating spin is not an issue with the Metalbone, but I feel like a certain level of grit is left on the table.

The large adidas logo in the sweet spot feels a little more smooth to the touch than the other portions of the paddle face.

Most paddles moved away from colors and print on the sweet spot to avoid a loss of grit. Combined with being one of the thinner paddles on the market, I wouldn't expect this paddle to lead the category in spin.


The Metalbone looks and feels professional, commanding the court with its design that's sure to turn heads. The screws in the neck of the paddle are a little jarring to the eye at first but are quickly forgotten when playing.

For tennis players, it would be hard to find a paddle that looks and feels more like a tennis racquet. From the monocoque frame to the throat hole and grip, tennis players will quickly start ripping forehands with this paddle.

Adapting to the soft game may present a challenge initially, but starting with less weight allows for greater control. As you get comfortable, tailor the Metalbone to your style by adding weights.

Elevate your game today by purchasing your very own adidas Metalbone paddle.

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