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Pickleball Injury Forces Legendary Golfer to Withdraw From The Masters

by Jason Flamm on

Pickleball injuries that keep us off the court can be a real bummer.

But imagine if a pickleball injury kept you from playing in The Masters?

That's precisely what has happened to golf legend Bernhard Langer. The 66-year-old had surgery on his left Achilles tendon and is expected to miss the upcoming Masters tournament, which was supposed to be his last hurrah.

It'll mark just the second time in 40 years the former Masters champion will miss the most prestigious event in golf.

Initially, it was reported that Langer suffered the injury in a training exercise. However, he spilled the truth recently on the "Musings on Golf " podcast.

"Staying fit is a priority for me, and pickleball was part of my routine," Langer explained. "Someone tried to lob me the ball, and I backpedaled to hit an overhead shot. As I landed, I heard this loud pop – like a gunshot! I knew right away my Achilles was torn."

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Despite the disappointment of missing out on his intended swan song, Langer remains resolute in his determination to bounce back and resume competitive play on the senior tour.

Lobbers, amiright?

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