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MLP Releases 2024 Challenger Draft Order

by Jason Flamm on

Major League Pickleball (MLP) announced its Challenger draft order today. If you need a refresher about the MLP or either of its levels, be sure to check out our recent article.

A Refresher for the Upcoming 2024 Major League Pickleball Draft
Now that Major League Pickleball is back, how are the teams constructed? We get you prepped for the April 2 draft with a refresher on how it works.

The 2024 MLP Challenger Draft Order is Set

The 2024 MLP Challenger Level Draft is a "snake" format, meaning teams will pick in order 1-12 in odd rounds, then 12-1 during even rounds. For example, the California Black Bears have the last pick (No. 12) in the first round but will have the first pick (No. 13) in the second round.

Here is the draft order for the Challenger Level in Major League Pickleball:

  1. Frisco Pandas
  2. ATX Pickleballers
  3. Chicago Slice
  4. Milwaukee Mashers
  5. Miami Pickleball Club
  6. Atlanta Bouncers
  7. Florida Smash
  8. Brooklyn Aces
  9. SoCal Hard 8s
  10. Las Vegas Night Owls
  11. Bay Area Breakers
  12. California Black Bears

Draft Date and Other Details

The 2024 MLP Challenger Level Draft is on Wednesday, April 3rd at 6 PM ET. According to the Press Release, The Challenger Level features 12 teams and will draft four players per team, two men and two women.

More Details to Come

It has not been announced how to watch the draft. We will update this article as more details are released.

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