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Team Waters Cruises to Doubles Gold at the US Open Championships

by Erik Tice on

The US Open Championships wrapped up a successful week in Naples, Florida, on Sunday. It was one of the largest pickleball tournaments in history with over 4,800 participants taking part, the vast majority being amateurs.

Key Takeaways

The Fan Experience Was Electric

Remember this was a week-long party pickleball tournament. Play started April 13th and ended April 20th. With 60 pickleball courts, a beer garden, daily live music, and plenty of food vendors readily available, the US Open really made sure the fans had a great time.

Watching Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters Play Together Again Was Awesome

Leigh and Anna Leigh ended up winning the women’s pro doubles category in dominating fashion. Obviously Anna Leigh is the best women’s player in the game today, but Leigh proved she still has plenty of game.

On their way to gold, the mother-daughter duo had to win four matches. The combined score of those matches was 88-29. The most points against ALW and Leigh in any of their games was six, and that only happened twice. Here are their full results:

  • (17) Alia Brown/Sarah Hua - 11-3, 11-0
  • (25) Pei-chuan Kao/Thaddea Lock - 11-6, 11-1
  • (5) Yana Newell/Parris Todd - 11-6, 11-3
  • (6) Simone Jardim/Allison Harris - 11-5, 11-5

The Livestream Left Something to be Desired

We already mentioned how fun the US Open experience was for live fans, but fans not in attendance were let down a little bit by the broadcast. I expect this to be an area of focus for the future US Open Championships. 

Don’t get me wrong – the live coverage was good – when it was on. The production quality was good and the commentary was good throughout as well. The area for improvement really involves the marketing of the coverage. It was difficult finding the stream – it was on the Pickleball Channel. In addition, on Saturday, some of the championship matches were broadcast on CBS Sports Network.

I am looking forward to the US Open doing a better job in the upcoming year in terms of ensuring fans are able to view all of the play with a little more ease.

Split Age Pro is SO FUN

We only really get Split Age Pro at two events throughout the year – the US Open Championships and USAP Nationals. For the uninitiated, Split Age Pro is one player who is 49 or younger teaming up with another player 50 years and older. 

One of the best things about pickleball is the fact that whether you are old or young, you can still play. Split Pro Doubles is the epitome of that premise and super fun to watch. No other sport can have some of its veteran pros intermixed with today’s best, which makes it that much more entertaining.

Results from the US Open Championships

Women’s Singles

  1. Jorja Johnson
  2. Megan Fudge
  3. Jenna Hessert

Women’s Doubles

  1. Leigh Waters/Anna Leigh Waters
  2. Allison Harris/Simone Jardim
  3. Parris Todd/Yana Newell

Women’s Split Pro Age Doubles

  1. Mari Humberg/Sheri Courter
  2. Lee Whitwell/Ryann Foster
  3. Milan Rane/Suzanne Leblang

Men’s Singles

  1. Jack Foster
  2. Chris Haworth
  3. JW Johnson

Men’s Doubles

  1. Dylan Frazier/JW Johnson
  2. Andrei Daescu/Gabe Tardio
  3. Kyle Yates/William Sobek

Men’s Doubles Split Age Pro

  1. Dave Weinbach/Andrei Daescu
  2. Altaf Merchant/Dylan Frazier
  3. Mircea Morariu/JW Johnson

Mixed Doubles Pro

  1. Anna Leigh Waters/JW Johnson
  2. Megan Fudge/Andrei Daescu
  3. Parris Todd/Hunter Johnson

Mixed Doubles Split Age Pro

  1. Lee Whitwell/Andrei Daescu
  2. Simone Jardim/Jaime Oncins
  3. Mari Humberg/Dave Weinbach
Erik Tice

Erik Tice

Erik produces content for The Dink related to pro and collegiate pickleball. He is an avid watcher of pickleball and became passionate about the sport in early 2022.

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